Playing Online Casino And Sic Bo Strategies


It is important to understand that sic bo game of chance and as such there are no guarantees of winning, however, if you play by the right rules then you can reduce the house edge on your bets so that they are more likely to pay off.

It is a game to play and like no other games like blackjack or video poker, you do not need to learn any specific sic bo strategies to get the best from the game, while it can be a fun game if you are looking for high payouts or lots of excitement it may not be what you are after.

The sic bo table is laid out with three rows of numbers from 1-6 in each row and one green square at 0 on each line, each player begins with their own personal set of tokens which will be used for betting and winning during the game. The dealer then spins three dice, announcing what he has done after each rotation, for example, one, two, and finally three.

If all sic bo game three dice land on the same number then that number becomes a favorite for this round known as point, If two numbers are repeated then they become favorites but only one may win depending on what that third number was.

If none of these combinations occur then no point is declared so every other combination 1-1-1 etc – becomes a favorite until there is something else declared by this method; don’t worry, it seems complicated but really isn’t once we explain things further down

It has been suggested that you can improve your chances of winning at sic bo strategies when you bet on Small and Big rather than on specific numbers. In general, the best bets are Small and Big because they have the lowest house edge.

The house edge for Small is 2.78%, for example, if you bet $100 on small and all three dice show a 1 (1-1-1), then you will win $400 plus your original $100 stake. In other words, your total winnings amount to ($400 + 100) = $500. The casino wins nothing in this case because it takes a profit of only 2.78% per bet regardless of what happens with the dice rolls!

If all three dice show 2 (2-2-2), then your stake is lost but you still win back 1 x 100 = 100 dollars due to doubling up so again the casino sic bo strategies makes no profit from this roll either way.

The House Edge On Small and Big Is Lower Than Any Other Type Of Bet in Sic Bo

If you are playing sic bo strategies online, it is important to know what the house edge is on each of the different types of bets, luckily, all bets have a very similar house edge at 2.78%, and this makes sense because all bets have the same probability of winning and losing.

The Small and Big sic bo game bets have an identical house edge at 2.78%, the only difference between these two types of bets is that they pay out different amounts if they win.

The Small bet pays $20 for every $1 wagered, while the Big pays out $40 for every $1 wagered: if you wager $10 on both Small and Big, your total risk will be $20 for a return of either $20 or $40 depending on which one wins.

The sic bo game house edge on the Small and Big bets are the same at 2.78%, this means that if you bet $10 on both the Small and Big, you will risk a total of $20 for a return of $40 if either one wins. The odds of winning with either bet is 0.278%, which is significantly lower than that of other bets in sic bo free play for fun.

The reason why these two sic bo bets are more profitable than others is that there are fewer losing combinations, so your chances of getting a payout are higher when playing these particular types of bets.

This gives an overall house edge of just 1.4% which is about as good as you will find for an even money type bet on any casino game.

The sic bo game house edge is 2.78% and the small bet gives a return of -2.78%, this means that for every $1 wagered on the big bet, you will lose $0.028 in the long run which is about as good as you will find for even money type to bet on any casino game.

The return given by this small wager is 0 and there are no exceptions to this rule; if you want to play sic bo safe then do not go for it.

In sic bo free play for fun, there are several different types of bets that players can make, these are described below along with their odds, payouts, and house edge percentages under both the Las Vegas rules house edge of 2.78% and the Atlantic City rules house edge of 3.23%.

Place Bets – 1 to 1 bets on a single number or any available combination of numbers

  • Single Number – You will win if your chosen number appears in one of the nine spots around the table or its neighbors on either side.
  • Payout: 1:1 for example if you bet $10 then you will get $10 back

The next bet is a single-number bet, this is a 1-to-1 payout, so you’ll win the same amount as you bet, when you place this wager, the dealer will pull out a ball that corresponds with your chosen number and place it on the board.

If this ball lands in any of the winning sic bo spots on the board then you’ll win your wager back plus an additional amount based on how much was wagered. For example, if you placed $5 on 17 then if it landed on 17 during gameplay then your total payout would be $10 $5 + 100x.

There Are Several Different Ways To Play sic bo free play for fun These Numbers At Online Casinos

Sometimes they’re referred to as sic bo hard-way bets because players must wager on two outcomes to win their money back; other times they come with special bonuses attached or are known as soft numbers since they can only be found within certain sections of the table for instance 10-24.

You need not worry about which type is best for your particular sic bo free play for fun situation though they all have similar house advantages and will give even odds when played correctly.


Sic Bo is a game that players can lose their money fast if they do not know what they are doing, however, if you follow the strategies above, you should be able to make the most out of this exciting sic bo free play for fun casino game with its many opportunities for big wins.

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